Buck Owens Crystal Palace, Iconic Venue of Country Music Legends, Hits the Market

by Barbara
Buck Owens Crystal Palace

Bakersfield’s renowned Buck Owens Crystal Palace, a historic venue where country music icons such as Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, and Garth Brooks have graced the stage, is set to be listed for sale at $7 million. The announcement comes from the Buck Owens Private Foundation, which has overseen the nightclub, museum, and steakhouse since its opening in 1996 by Buck Owens himself.

Owens, a pioneer of the Bakersfield Sound, established the Crystal Palace as a beacon of West Coast country music, diverging from Nashville’s mainstream with its distinctive twang. Until his passing in 2006, Owens and his band, the Buckaroos, performed every Friday and Saturday night, solidifying the venue’s reputation as a premier spot for country music’s biggest names.

Jim Shaw, a director of the Buck Owens Private Foundation and former member of the Buckaroos, explained that after 28 years of stewardship, the Owens family intends to step back amidst economic challenges. Shaw emphasized the foundation’s commitment to maintaining the venue’s legacy despite rising food and labor costs.

Despite the sale plans, scheduled events at the Crystal Palace will proceed uninterrupted.

“For now, it’s business as usual,” Shaw affirmed. “We hope to find a buyer who shares our vision to preserve its unique character.”

Johnny Owens, Buck Owens’ youngest son, expressed the family’s desire for a buyer who respects his father’s legacy and values the Bakersfield Sound. In a Facebook post, he conveyed hope that the future owner would uphold the venue’s heritage while envisioning its future.

Located prominently on Buck Owens Boulevard, the Crystal Palace stands as a vital tourism attraction for Bakersfield, occupying an expansive 18,000-square-foot space near the city’s downtown entrance.

“It’s Bakersfield’s top tourist draw,” Shaw remarked. “We’re receiving significant interest, and we’re eager to see what unfolds.”

As the iconic venue prepares for a new chapter, its legacy as a bastion of country music history remains firmly rooted in the hearts of fans and performers alike.

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