Silverada Unveils Transformative Self-Titled Album

by Barbara
Mike Moonpies

Texas-based band Silverada, formerly known as Mike and the Moonpies, has marked a significant milestone with their latest album titled “Silverada”. This self-titled release represents a pivotal moment in their musical journey, blending their traditional country roots with new elements of Southern rock and other genres, showcasing their bold exploration of musical boundaries. The album not only introduces fresh tracks but also reflects the band’s evolved identity.

Featuring sophisticated songwriting and a revitalized sound, Silverada has already begun making waves on the charts, underscoring the band’s growth and adaptability over time. Tracks like “Radio Wave”, “Anywhere But Here”, and “Doing It Right” highlight their diverse musical palette and lyrical depth.

In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, lead vocalist Mike Harmeier shared insights into the album and the band’s future direction, emphasizing their creative evolution and the reception of their latest work.

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