Guud Grief Soars with Electrifying New Anthem ‘These Kids Just Wanna Be Famous’

by Barbara

Dublin-based band Guud Grief has released a new single titled ‘These Kids Just Wanna Be Famous,’ showcasing their signature blend of gritty acoustics, poetry, and song. This track seamlessly integrates elements of blues, rock, and punk, capturing the essence of their “rugged rhythms of community.”

Having established a strong presence in Ireland’s live music scene, Guud Grief continues to refine their ensemble performances. Following their 2022 debut, ‘Lay In The River,’ a poignant and slow-tempo introduction, the band has now embraced a more versatile and rebellious sound. Their influences span the works of Rumi, Nick Cave, Nina Simone, and Leonard Cohen.

‘These Kids Just Wanna Be Famous’ embodies themes of escapism, rebellion, and euphoria, marking a new chapter for the band. The release is accompanied by visuals directed by Kuba Wargola.

Reflecting on their latest single, the band commented, “Music is a sacred force, and we want our songs to strip away the masks of superficiality.”

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