KCON to Debut in Germany

by Barbara

Shin Hyung-kwan, head of the music content business at CJ ENM, announced on Friday the debut of KCON in Germany, marking the first-ever event of its kind for European K-pop fans. “I am very happy to announce the first-ever KCON in Germany for the European K-pop fans who have waited a long time,” said Shin.

He added, “We will deliver more joy with an expanded lineup and various programs, exceeding expectations. We are committed to providing opportunities for fans and artists who love K-pop to communicate closely with each other and create memories.”

KCON, which has been showcasing K-pop artists globally since 2012, held its inaugural festival in Irvine, California. Over the years, KCON has traveled to numerous cities across the United States, Japan, Thailand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong.

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