Lainey Wilson Releases New Video “Hang Tight Honey” Amidst Competition for Top Country Music Video

by Barbara

Country music artist Lainey Wilson has unveiled a captivating new video for her latest single, “Hang Tight Honey,” sparking speculation over its potential to dominate the charts.

Wilson’s latest visual offering provides glimpses into her life on tour with her band, showcasing their journey on the road. The release sets the stage for a competitive showdown with new music videos from Luke Bryan, MacKenzie Carpenter, and Cody Johnson, each vying for viewer votes.

The current Top 10 lineup has seen shifts after two weeks of fan voting. Alex Miller claims the No. 7 spot with his poignant video “My Daddy’s Dad,” while Laci Kaye Booth secures No. 9 and Tracy Lawrence rounds out the list at No. 10.

Country music enthusiasts are encouraged to cast their votes on Taste of Country to determine the week’s top music videos. The platform empowers readers to influence rankings, urging fans to support their favorite artists by participating in the voting process.

As the competition unfolds, the spotlight remains on which artist and video will capture the hearts of viewers and ascend to the top ranks of country music’s most-watched videos.

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