Uncle Ryano Returns with New Summer Anthem “Twerkin’ With a Twang”

by Barbara

Uncle Ryano, known for his genre-defying “American music,” which he describes as boundary-free, draws inspiration from the Deep South, the birthplace of blues and rock and roll. His music reflects a blend of organic folk influences from around the world, celebrating cultural diversity.

Believing in inspiring others rather than seeking personal fame, Uncle Ryano founded Bottle Rocket Records to support trailblazing artists. Despite a hiatus to focus on family, his passion for music remained steadfast, describing family as the essence of sacrifice and love.

Following the success of his recent hit “Run Wide Open,” embraced by fans worldwide, Uncle Ryano is gearing up to release another thrilling summer anthem. Co-written with Billy Ray Cyrus, the upcoming song promises to ignite excitement and reinforce Uncle Ryano’s status in the music scene. Prepare to crank up the volume for “Twerkin’ With a Twang.”

“Twerkin’ With a Twang” blossoms from a mere lyric into Uncle Ryano’s vibrant summer anthem, blending infectious beats and playful lyrics. This toe-tapping celebration of joy combines backwoods country and rock and roll influences, inviting listeners to let loose and enjoy the music’s sheer exhilaration. Whether a longtime fan or new to Uncle Ryano’s music, this song promises to be a memorable addition to any playlist, lifting moods and spirits.

The music video for “Twerkin’ With a Twang” captures the song’s essence in a lively country bar setting, showcasing Uncle Ryano’s energetic performance. With a humorous and lively animated style, the video enhances the song’s infectious rhythm, embodying the joy of music, dance, and community. It promises to leave viewers tapping their feet and smiling along with the catchy beat, a visual spectacle that complements Uncle Ryano’s spirited musicality.

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