Tamworth Country Music Festival 2025 Unveils Exciting Lineup

by Barbara

The first artist announcement for the 2025 Tamworth Country Music Festival has arrived with a bang, promising an unforgettable ten-night event that will captivate fans of all ages.

Whether this year’s festival feels like a recent memory or a distant past, today’s announcement is sure to spark excitement for the upcoming extravaganza. The headline news includes the unveiling of next year’s Golden Guitar Awards hosts, James Johnston and Max Jackson. Additionally, the festival has secured an impressive lineup of ticketed events, featuring international rocker Suzi Quatro alongside local favorites such as Kasey Chambers, Fanny Lumsden, Travis Collins, Shane Nicholson, Felicity Urquhart & Josh Cunningham, Pixie Jenkins, and more.

Further enhancing the festival’s allure, the lineup also includes Andrew Farriss, Brooke McClymont & Adam Eckersley, Amber Lawrence, Jayne Denham, The Wolfe Brothers, The Bushwackers, Casey Barnes, Lane Pittman, Sara Storer, Dragon, Joe Camilleri & The Black Sorrows, Loren Ryan, Taylor Moss, Hayley Jensen, Jake Davey, Darlinghurst, 2024 Australian Idol winner Dylan Wright, and 2024 Toyota Star Maker winner Wade Forster, among others.

For a comprehensive list of the first artist announcement, visit the festival’s official website. The 2025 Tamworth Country Music Festival, Australia’s longest-running country music celebration, is scheduled to take place from January 17-26.

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