Miranda Lambert Unveils Empowerment Anthem “Dammit Randy”

by Barbara
Miranda Lambert

Country music powerhouse Miranda Lambert has released her latest single, “Dammit Randy”, surprising fans with its empowering message. Following her recent hit “Wranglers”, this track serves as a preview of her upcoming tenth album.

The song, born from a candid conversation the night before recording with Jon Randall, reflects Lambert’s excitement and support from her new label family at Republic and Big Loud. Lambert explained, “We were talking about how excited we were to be starting this journey with a new label family and how supported we felt by them, which turned into chatting about situations where you might not feel so supported by someone — in this song’s case, an unappreciative Randy. So, this one’s for anyone with a Randy they need to move on from.”

Having departed her longtime home at Sony in 2023, Lambert’s forthcoming album marks her debut with Republic and Big Loud, signaling a new chapter in her illustrious career.

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