Cody Johnson Releases Heartfelt Music Video for “Dirt Cheap”

by Barbara

Country artist Cody Johnson has unveiled a poignant new music video for his current single “Dirt Cheap”, featured on his 2023 album “Leather”. The song, penned by Josh Phillips, explores themes of nostalgia and the intrinsic value of memories over material wealth.

In the video, Johnson portrays a farmer facing pressure from developers keen to purchase his land for urban development. The lyrics vividly depict the farmer’s emotional attachment to the land, reminiscing about cherished moments and irreplaceable memories:

“‘Cause I got a little girl that used to swing right there
I still see her pink bow in her brown hair
She’s in the big city, but she still calls home
What’s she gonna do if she comes back, and we’re gone?
And over there, under that wide oak tree
Beneath the cross is where my best buddy’s buried
Lasted 13 huntin’ season runnin’ strong
Keep your money ’cause a man can’t leave his dog
And over there is where I got down on one knee
You can’t buy that kind of dirt cheap”

The narrative strikes a universally relatable chord, underscoring the farmer’s steadfast refusal to sell despite financial offers, driven by a deep-rooted connection to his land and its history.

The music video’s powerful storytelling resonates with viewers, conveying the heartfelt message that some things are priceless and irreplaceable. Cody Johnson’s “Dirt Cheap” video encapsulates the emotional essence of the song, portraying a poignant tale of personal and familial legacy intertwined with the land.

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