Silverada Rocks Pendleton’s Jackalope Jamboree with Stellar Performance

by Barbara
The Weeknd Concert

Shortly after their new self-titled album debuted on streaming platforms at midnight Eastern, 9:00 p.m. Pacific, Silverada, acclaimed as one of the greatest live country bands, electrified a packed crowd at the Jackalope Jamboree in Pendleton, Oregon.

Previously known as Mike and the Moonpies before a name change earlier this year, Silverada showcased their new musical direction with fervor, dispelling any doubts about their continued magic. Performing a dynamic set that included nearly all tracks from their latest album and beloved classics, the band delivered a blistering performance that captivated their enthusiastic audience

A hallmark of the Silverada (formerly Mike and the Moonpies) experience has always been their electrifying live presence. Tracks like “Radio Wave” and “Wallflower”, already favorites in their live repertoire, resonated with heightened energy during the concert. The intensity peaked with songs like “Eagle Rare” and the set-closing anthem “Hell Bent For Leather”, showcasing the band’s prowess in blending studio precision with live dynamism.

As one of country music’s premier live acts, Silverada was preceded by an equally impressive performance from The Vandoliers, hailing from Dallas, TX. Frontman Joshua Fleming’s charismatic stage presence set a perfect tone, warming up the crowd for Silverada’s explosive set.

Jade Jackson, who played between the bands on a side stage, also impressed with her performance. However, it was Silverada who ultimately dominated the Jackalope Jamboree stage, delivering what many attendees described as the loudest concert experience in recent memory, though some noted concerns over excessive volume towards the end of the show.

Despite these technical challenges, true Silverada fans persisted, celebrating the band’s music through a marathon set of 22 songs that extended past the scheduled end time. The spirit of the band, beloved since their days as Mike and the Moonpies, remains as vibrant as ever in their latest incarnation as Silverada.

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