SuperThrowed Fay Fay Drops High-Octane Track “Simon Says”

by Barbara
SuperThrowed Fay Fay

SuperThrowed Fay Fay has released a new mixtape titled “Baby Driver,” available exclusively on YouTube. Known for his distinctive style that blends raw energy with street narratives, the Milwaukee rapper’s latest offering captures the urgency of his lyrical delivery, often likened to a high-speed chase through traffic. His rapid-fire verses, delivered as if racing against time itself, lend a sense of urgency to tracks like “Simon Says,” creating a cinematic feel akin to a fast-paced montage.

Teaming up with frequent collaborator Ghost53206, SuperThrowed Fay Fay paints vivid scenes through their lyrics, ranging from gritty drug-dealing flashbacks to moments in the interrogation room and kitchen. The production by TaeHuncho adds to the tape’s allure with its lush and gleaming interpretation of Milwaukee’s slap music, blending speed with a dreamy undertone.

“Baby Driver” showcases SuperThrowed Fay Fay’s unapologetic approach to his craft, where the rush to create music becomes a frenetic sprint that adds to its undeniable charm.

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