Cody Johnson Announces Deluxe Edition of ‘Leather’

by Barbara
Cody Johnson

Country music fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of Cody Johnson’s deluxe version of his highly successful album, ‘Leather’. Originally released in November 2023 as Johnson’s third major label studio album, ‘Leather’ quickly made waves on country radio with its 12-song tracklist. Standout tracks such as ‘The Painter’ garnered immediate fan acclaim, while ‘Dirt Cheap’ was hailed as a hidden gem of the record.

Johnson recently hinted at a deluxe edition of ‘Leather’ in the works, sparking excitement among his fanbase. While an official release date has yet to be confirmed, Johnson has revealed that the extended version will feature an additional 12 songs, set to debut this fall. In an interview with Pure Country earlier this year, Johnson explained his approach: “There’s a deluxe edition coming next year with 12 more tracks. This body of work is a little bit unique in the fact that I wanted to give the listener, give the fan a little bit of time to get to know these songs.”

As anticipation builds for the expanded edition of ‘Leather’, fans can look forward to experiencing more of Cody Johnson’s signature blend of heartfelt lyrics and authentic country sound.

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