Midwestern Country Artist Zach Thomas to Perform at Kenmare’s Pioneer Day

by Barbara
Zach Thomas

Zach Thomas, a prominent figure in Midwestern country music and former American Idol contestant, is set to headline Kenmare’s Pioneer Day celebration at Pioneer Village on Sunday, July 14. The 30-year-old artist, known for his heartfelt lyrics and soulful performances, discovered his passion for music during his time at North Dakota State University, where he grappled with mental health challenges.

Reflecting on his college days, Thomas recalled battling depression, which often confined him to his dorm room. Music became his lifeline during those tough times. “Music was there for me and was my outlet. It helped pull me out of a bad place,” he shared.

Thomas’s songwriting journey took a poignant turn with “Devil Don’t Wanna Back Down,” a track that emerged from his struggles at NDSU and speaks to the inner demons many face. “It’s all about the voices and the demons we all face. They all hit you and you’re looking for help,” Thomas explained, highlighting the song’s personal significance in confronting mental health challenges.

Following his college years, Thomas gained national attention through American Idol, appearing in both seasons 14 and 16 and making it into the top 100 contestants. Describing his time on the show as a formative experience, Thomas credited it with providing invaluable insights into the music industry and fostering key relationships.

Since his American Idol days, Thomas has carved out a niche in the Midwest music scene, releasing original music and transitioning from solo acoustic performances to full-band shows. His upcoming Pioneer Day performance promises to blend his original compositions with covers that reflect his eclectic musical influences, spanning from traditional country to contemporary rock.

Recently nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year by the Midwest Country Music Organization, Thomas expressed gratitude for the recognition, underscoring the validation it brings to his independent music career. He remains committed to maintaining creative autonomy, aiming to continue his journey without major label involvement.

Looking ahead, Thomas is gearing up for a multi-state tour and plans to return to Nashville to record a five-song EP by year’s end. “I have a bunch of sad songs I need to get out there,” he teased, hinting at the emotional depth of his upcoming work.

As he prepares for his debut in Kenmare, Thomas eagerly anticipates joining the vibrant music community in North Dakota, where he resides in Fargo. “There’s a strong music scene here. Everybody is very supportive of each other,” he remarked, highlighting the camaraderie that fuels his artistic endeavors.

Pioneer Day attendees can expect an unforgettable performance from Zach Thomas, blending heartfelt storytelling with the spirited energy of Midwestern country music.

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