Tyler Childers Lights Up Celebration in Washington D.C.

by Barbara
Tyler Childers

Washington D.C. was ablaze with one of the nation’s largest and most eagerly awaited Fourth of July celebrations, hosted on the National Mall and the White House lawn. Amidst the dazzling fireworks display, Tyler Childers, hailing from Kentucky, stood out as a key performer. The Lawrence County-born singer-songwriter took to the stage on the South Lawn at 8:40 p.m., captivating the audience with a four-song set that beautifully showcased his Appalachian and Kentucky roots, alongside his remarkable musical prowess.

Opening the concert was the spirited “Cluck Old Hen,” a traditional fiddle and banjo piece, which Childers and his band, The Food Stamps — featuring Craig Burletic on bass, James Barker on pedal steel, Rod Elkins on drums, CJ Cain on guitar, Matt Rowland and Kory Caudill on keys, and Jesse Wells on multiple instruments — infused with patriotic fervor through an “America The Beautiful” interlude.

Continuing with the momentum, the band delved into “Honky Tonk Flame” from Childers’ acclaimed 2017 album “Purgatory,” where Childers croons about life as “a fella from Eastern Kentucky, without a penny or a worth to his name.” The energy surged with a dynamic performance of “House Fire,” before transitioning to the introspective tones of “Universal Sound,” where the band eased into a reflective mood.

Tyler Childers’ performance not only electrified the evening but also underscored why his concerts remain among the most coveted tickets in country music, blending raw authenticity with profound musical storytelling.

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