Music Festival Season Kicks Off in Cadott

by Barbara

Northwest Wisconsin welcomes the vibrant spirit of summer with the annual Country Fest in Cadott, where music lovers gather for a weekend of entertainment and community. Since its kickoff on Wednesday, the festival has seen a steady increase in attendance, highlighting its popularity among locals and visitors alike.

Keith Urban, a prominent figure in country music, took the stage as Friday night’s headliner, captivating the audience with his renowned talent. Beyond musical performances, attendees are immersed in a variety of activities including games, camping, and other festivities that define the Country Fest experience.

For many, like longtime attendee Patrick Schoof, who has made Country Fest a tradition for the past five summers, the event holds a special place in their summer plans. Reflecting on his experience, Schoof expressed, “There will never be a time where I don’t come to Country Fest.”

The festival continues to be a hallmark of summer in the region, drawing both first-time attendees and seasoned fans. On Saturday night, the stage will belong to Eric Church, promising a memorable conclusion to this year’s Country Fest

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