Brett Young Thrills Fans with Surprise ‘Secret Session’ in Delray Beach

by Barbara
Brett Young

Delray Beach, FL — Country music sensation Brett Young delighted fans on June 26 with an unexpected appearance at Tin Roof, a bustling bar on East Atlantic Avenue. Hosted by South Florida country radio station New Country 103.1, the “Secret Session” pop-up drew a crowd of approximately 250 enthusiastic attendees.

Jeff Krammer, Tin Roof’s general manager, expressed excitement about hosting such a notable event. “It was great,” he remarked. “It was an iconic moment to have such a celebrity or high-status individual come and do a free show for the public. It was an honor to host someone of that stature.”

According to Krammer, New Country 103.1 regularly organizes Secret Sessions every six weeks, offering listeners the chance to win tickets through call-ins. The venue for each session remains undisclosed until shortly before the event, adding an element of surprise and excitement for attendees.

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