Miranda Lambert Addresses Incident During Concert in Midland, TX

by Barbara
Miranda Lambert

During a recent performance at Momentum Bank Ballpark in Midland, TX, country star Miranda Lambert had to intervene when a scuffle broke out among two female fans during her rendition of the ballad “Tin Man.” In a TikTok video capturing the incident, Lambert paused her solo acoustic performance to check on the situation, initially mistaking the commotion for a medical emergency.

“Are you good? Are y’all fightin’?” Lambert asked the fans on Saturday (June 29). “Because I will come down there and you don’t want that today. We’re not doin’ that today.”

The altercation occurred during Lambert’s heartfelt performance of “Tin Man,” a poignant track from her 2016 album The Weight of These Wings. The song reflects on the fictional character’s inability to experience love without a heart.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday (July 2), Lambert clarified her stance, expressing that while she doesn’t discourage energetic engagement from her fans, she prefers they choose appropriate moments for such enthusiasm. “If you want to fight at my shows, I’m all about it. Give ’em hell,” Lambert remarked in the video. She then humorously suggested alternative songs from her repertoire that might better suit such moments, including “Fastest Girl in Town,” “Kerosene,” “Gunpowder and Lead,” “Little Red Wagon,” and her recent single, “Wrangle.”

“Don’t do it during ‘Tin Man.’ That’s not the time,” Lambert emphasized, dressed in a distinctive white cowboy hat, western shirt, and adorned with turquoise rings and bracelets. “So pick your times. You’ve got five songs. Look at the set list and choose wisely.”

Fans chimed in with their own song recommendations in the comments, including “Mama’s Broken Heart,” “If I Was a Cowboy,” “Tequila Does,” and “The House That Built Me.”

The incident highlights Lambert’s commitment to maintaining the emotional integrity of her performances while fostering a spirited atmosphere for her audience.

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