Who is the First Family of Country Music?

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Carter Family

Country music, a genre steeped in tradition and history, has seen many influential artists and families contribute to its development. Among these, one family stands out for their pioneering role and lasting impact on the genre. The title of the “First Family of Country Music” is most often attributed to the Carter Family, whose contributions helped shape the sound and culture of country music. This article delves into the history, influence, and legacy of the Carter Family, exploring their roots, key members, notable achievements, and enduring impact on country music.

The Origins of the Carter Family

Early Beginnings in Appalachia: The Carter Family hailed from the Appalachian region, specifically from Maces Spring, Virginia. This area, known for its rich musical heritage, provided the perfect backdrop for the emergence of the Carter Family. The family’s patriarch, Alvin Pleasant “A.P.” Carter, was born in 1891 and grew up surrounded by the traditional folk and gospel music of the region.

Formation of the Carter Family: The Carter Family officially formed in 1927, comprising A.P. Carter, his wife Sara Dougherty Carter, and his sister-in-law Maybelle Addington Carter. A.P. was the driving force behind the group, responsible for collecting and arranging the songs they performed. Sara was the primary vocalist, and Maybelle’s innovative guitar playing became a hallmark of their sound.

The Breakthrough: The Bristol Sessions

Recording with Ralph Peer: In the summer of 1927, the Carter Family traveled to Bristol, Tennessee, to participate in a recording session organized by talent scout Ralph Peer. These sessions, now famously known as the Bristol Sessions, are often considered the “Big Bang” of country music. The Carter Family’s recordings from these sessions, including songs like “Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow” and “The Storms Are on the Ocean,” were an instant success and marked the beginning of their illustrious career.

Impact of the Bristol Sessions: The success of the Bristol Sessions propelled the Carter Family to national fame. Their recordings were widely distributed, bringing the sounds of Appalachian folk music to a broader audience. The sessions also helped establish the commercial viability of country music, paving the way for future artists and recordings.

Key Members and Their Contributions

1. A.P. Carter: The Collector and Arranger

A.P. Carter’s role in the group was crucial. He traveled extensively throughout the Appalachian region, collecting traditional songs and arranging them for the Carter Family to perform. His efforts helped preserve many folk songs that might have otherwise been lost to history. A.P.’s keen ear for melody and lyrical storytelling became the foundation of the Carter Family’s repertoire.

2. Sara Carter: The Voice of the Family

Sara Carter’s voice was central to the Carter Family’s sound. Her clear, emotive singing brought the songs to life, conveying the deep emotional resonance of the lyrics. Sara’s vocal style was straightforward yet powerful, and her performances remain a benchmark for country music vocalists.

3. Maybelle Carter: The Innovator

Maybelle Carter, often referred to as “Mother Maybelle,” revolutionized country music with her innovative guitar playing. She developed the “Carter Scratch” technique, where she played melody lines on the bass strings of the guitar while simultaneously strumming rhythm on the treble strings. This technique became a defining characteristic of the Carter Family’s sound and influenced countless guitarists in country and other genres.

Notable Achievements and Milestones

Recording Success: The Carter Family recorded hundreds of songs during their career, many of which became classics of the genre. Some of their most enduring hits include “Keep on the Sunny Side,” “Wildwood Flower,” and “Can the Circle Be Unbroken.” These songs not only showcased their musical talents but also resonated with audiences across the country.

Radio and Live Performances: In addition to their recording success, the Carter Family was also a popular act on radio and in live performances. They regularly appeared on radio programs, which helped them reach an even wider audience. Their live shows were well-attended, and their music became a staple in many American households.

Influence on Future Artists: The Carter Family’s influence extended far beyond their own recordings. Their music inspired a new generation of country artists, including legends like Johnny Cash, who married Maybelle’s daughter, June Carter. The Carter Family’s songs have been covered by numerous artists, and their musical techniques have been adopted by musicians across various genres.

Legacy and Enduring Impact

Preservation of Folk Traditions: One of the Carter Family’s most significant contributions to country music was their role in preserving traditional folk songs. By recording and popularizing these songs, they ensured that the rich musical heritage of the Appalachian region would be remembered and appreciated by future generations.

Influence on Modern Country Music: The Carter Family’s impact on modern country music is undeniable. Their emphasis on storytelling, melody, and harmony set the standard for the genre. Many of the themes they explored in their songs, such as love, loss, and faith, remain central to country music today.

Recognition and Honors: The Carter Family has been recognized with numerous awards and honors for their contributions to country music. They were among the first inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1970, a testament to their lasting influence. Their recordings have also been preserved by the Library of Congress, ensuring that their music will continue to be accessible to future generations.

The Next Generation: The Carter Family Continuation

The legacy of the Carter Family continued through the next generation. Maybelle Carter’s daughters, including June Carter Cash, carried on the family’s musical tradition. June Carter Cash, in particular, became a celebrated artist in her own right and was instrumental in bridging the gap between the original Carter Family and contemporary country music.


The Carter Family’s designation as the “First Family of Country Music” is well-deserved. Their pioneering efforts in recording and popularizing traditional folk songs, their innovative musical techniques, and their lasting influence on the genre have cemented their place in country music history. From their humble beginnings in Appalachia to their lasting legacy in the modern music landscape, the Carter Family’s contributions have left an indelible mark on country music. Their music continues to inspire and resonate with audiences, ensuring that their legacy will endure for generations to come.

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