Dua Lipa Adjusts Tour Choreography Due to Slippery Conditions

by Patria

Pop sensation Dua Lipa has been forced to alter her tour choreography after repeatedly slipping on her dancers’ sweat. The 28-year-old singer revealed that she has fallen several times on stage, prompting changes to her dance routines to avoid “puddles” of perspiration and reduce the risk of accidents.

In an interview with SiriusXM’s Morning Mash Up, Lipa recounted her mishaps, saying, “I fell over on my tour, I think once in Barcelona, once in Milan on the same spot, and it was just the hottest week in Europe. Some of my dancers were just sweating a little bit extra, and so I slipped on a little sweat puddle. We had to change the choreo so I don’t get a little puddle of sweat right where I’m about to start dancing.”

Despite these adjustments, the “Houdini” singer takes her stage injuries in stride, viewing them as part of the performance experience. “It’s all part of the experience. You got to get a little bruised,” she added.

Lipa recently ventured into acting with her role in the film “Argylle,” starring alongside Henry Cavill and John Cena. Although she enjoyed the experience, she remains uncertain about pursuing a full-fledged acting career, as her primary focus remains on music.

When asked about future movie projects, Lipa responded, “I have no idea…I’m so focused on music that I just don’t know if film is really the route that I want to go down. I loved [‘Argylle’] and had so much fun, but I’m so focused on music and the tour that I can’t even imagine [doing more].”

Regarding the mixed reviews for “Argylle,” the “Levitating” hitmaker remains unfazed. “I kind of don’t care. I also just got to let everything happen. It doesn’t really affect me unless it’s something that completely goes against something I believe in. There are so many stories, whether I’ve dated someone or whatever, that’s just not true. But I don’t care enough to just say – it’ll be a bigger story for me to try and debunk it.”

Dua Lipa continues to prioritize her music career, ensuring her performances are as safe and spectacular as possible for both her and her fans.

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