Camila Cabello Teases Upcoming Album

by Patria
Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello has openly welcomed comparisons between her upcoming single ‘I Luv It’ and Charli XCX’s hit ‘I Love It’, considering it a “huge compliment”. Despite fans drawing parallels based on a snippet of her new song, the former Fifth Harmony star emphasizes her friendship with Charli, dismissing any potential beef between them.

In an interview with PAPER magazine, Camila expressed her admiration for Charli and her music, stating that being compared to her is flattering. She humorously added, “Charli loves me, so everybody can **** off.”

Beyond addressing comparisons, Camila teased the thematic direction of her fourth studio album, set for release this summer. She described tapping into a “hyper-femme” persona for the album, noting how it evolved into a character she embodied during the recording process. Exploring elements like color palettes, hairstyles, and visual aesthetics, Camila delved into creating a distinct world for this persona.

Regarding the musical style of her upcoming album, Camila revealed a rap influence, with producer Jasper Harris contributing to crafting beats that blend rap cadences with lush instrumentation. Harris explained their approach of mixing rap flows with acoustic elements to create a unique and inspiring sound, pushing boundaries and experimenting with contrasts in melody and mood.

Fans can anticipate Camila Cabello’s bold and innovative approach to music in her upcoming album, which promises to showcase her versatility and artistic evolution.

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