Travis Returns with Personal Album ‘L.A. Times’ and Lead Single ‘Gaslight’

by Patria

Scottish rock band Travis is making a highly anticipated return with their upcoming album, ‘L.A. Times’. The band, led by Fran Healy and formed in 1990, last released an album in 2020 with ’10 Songs’. Their new single, ‘Gaslight’, released on March 21, marks their comeback.

Fran Healy, the 50-year-old songwriter, shared insights into the album, scheduled for release on July 12. He described ‘L.A. Times’ as their most personal work since ‘The Man Who’, a groundbreaking album released 25 years ago. Healy reflected on the significant life experiences that inspired their music, stating, “There was a lot of big stuff to write about back then… Over 20 years later and the plates have shifted again. There’s a lot to talk about.”

Regarding ‘Gaslight’, Healy explained its relevance in today’s world, where gaslighting has become a widely searched term. He expressed concern about the pervasive influence of gaslighters in various spheres of life, including work, relationships, and politics, emphasizing their tactics to undermine confidence and distort reality.

In addition to their album release, Travis is gearing up for an exciting tour alongside The Killers, covering 16 dates across the UK in June and July, with more tour dates planned for the UK and Europe.

Fans can access ‘L.A. Times’ digitally, on CD, and vinyl formats. A limited deluxe 2CD package is also available, featuring a stripped-back version of the album recorded in Glasgow and Los Angeles.

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