Ricky Phillips Departs Styx After 21 Years of Musical Collaboration

by Patria
Ricky Phillips

Ricky Phillips, the longtime bassist of American hard rock band Styx, has announced his departure from the group. The 71-year-old musician, who shared bass duties with original member Chuck Panozzo for over two decades, has chosen to step away from touring to focus on a studio project close to home.

In a heartfelt statement, Ricky reflected on his extensive career spanning 50 years, which included stints with bands like The Babys, Bad English, and collaborations with music icons such as Jimmy Page, David Coverdale, and Ronnie Montrose. He expressed gratitude for his time with Styx, acknowledging the band’s loyal fans and the memorable experiences shared on stage.

Ricky clarified that while he is taking a break from touring, he is not retiring and looks forward to future engagements. He expressed excitement about co-producing a project in a nearby studio, signaling a new chapter in his musical journey.

The remaining members of Styx bid farewell to Ricky with fondness, acknowledging his contributions to the band’s legacy over the years. They expressed their support for his decision and wished him the best in his future endeavors.

Ricky’s impact on Styx includes contributions to four albums, including their most recent release, ‘Crash of the Crown’, in 2021. His collaborations with music legends like Jimmy Page and David Coverdale further showcase his versatility and influence in the rock music scene.

Fans of Ricky Phillips can anticipate continued creativity and musical ventures from this seasoned bassist, who has left an indelible mark on the world of rock music throughout his illustrious career.

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