DJ Michael Bibi announces that he is free of cancer

by Patria

After six months of treatment, Michael Bibi has confirmed that he is cancer-free.

The 33-year-old English DJ and house music producer took to social media on Wednesday to announce the news.

“After 6 months of fighting I am officially leaving hospital in remission with no cancer in my body,” the Solid Grooves label founder wrote. “To everyone who gave me the support, energy and strength to fight I thank you from the bottom of my heart & to the staff at @royalmarsden for literally saving my life I will be forever in your debt. Thank you so much.”

Bibi’s roundabout included pictures with staff at The Royal Marsden’s Oak Cancer Centre in London, where he was seen embracing nurses before leaving.

“I’m still very tired, I’m on a lot of medication, my body hurts & my hair is all gone,” he added, “but I’m excited to get home, process, heal & prepare for the future with all of you.”

In June, Bibi was diagnosed with CNS lymphoma, a rare form of brain and spinal cancer, according to management agency Prime Culture.

In October, Bibi played a surprise set at Club DC-10 in Ibiza, just days after being discharged from hospital amid his cancer treatment.

The DJ underwent a bone marrow/stem cell transplant last month and yesterday’s remission announcement.

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