Eloise Asylum Announces Country Music Event Featuring Multiple Artists and Food Trucks

by Barbara
Michael Ray

Eloise Asylum, once a historic site known for its complex history as a poorhouse and later a hospital complex, will host a major country music event on its grounds, now transformed into a haunted attraction and escape rooms.

Located at 30712 Michigan Ave., Eloise dates back to 1839 when it was established as a poorhouse. It later grew into one of the largest hospital complexes in the United States, ceasing psychiatric care in 1979 and fully closing as a general hospital in 1984. Despite most of its 75 buildings being razed in the mid-1980s, Eloise remains a significant part of local history and lore.

On August 3rd, Eloise Asylum will welcome attendees to a country music extravaganza headlined by Michael Ray, renowned for chart-topping hits such as “Whiskey and Rain,” “Kiss You in the Morning,” and “Think a Little Less.”

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