Hodag Country Music Festival Set to Kick Off in Northern Wisconsin

by Barbara

The highly anticipated Hodag Country Music Festival is set to commence on Thursday, marking the beginning of Northwoods’ largest celebration.

Opening night will feature performances by Brett Westgrove, Neil McCoy, and Ashley McBride on the festival’s main stage. For both attendees and organizers like Bryan Scott of WDEZ, who has been involved with the event for over a decade, Hodag is more than just a music festival—it’s a cherished family reunion.

“It’s unlike any other country music festival I’ve experienced because it feels like a family gathering. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming, devoid of the drama that can sometimes accompany larger festivals,” Scott remarked. “It truly embodies the essence of Northern Wisconsin’s biggest and best party.”

Scott attributes the festival’s unique charm to its family-owned structure, which ensures an inclusive experience for all attendees. “There’s no additional charge for better seating; there’s no VIP section. Everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy a fantastic view of the performances.”

The festival kicked off earlier this week with pavilion shows and a Wednesday chair line, allowing campers to secure their spots on the lawn in front of the main stage. Jenna Jane will launch the mainstage lineup at 4:30 PM on Thursday, setting the stage for several days of country music festivities.

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