Reyna Roberts and ‘Cowboy Carter’ Artists Make Waves in Nashville Music Scene

by Barbara

As Black Music Month concludes, the impact of Beyoncé on Nashville’s country music scene remains profound.

Since the release of Beyoncé’s acclaimed country album, “Cowboy Carter,” several featured artists have been garnering attention across Music City.

Recently, Willie Jones captivated audiences at Nashville Black Market’s inaugural Friday celebration.

Additionally, country stars Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, and Tiera Kennedy contributed to an Apple Music special titled ‘Nashville Sessions: Beyoncé Covered Collection,’ released in June.

Reyna Roberts, another standout from the album, has been performing at various venues throughout the Midstate this month. In an interview with WSMV, Roberts shared insights into her recent accomplishments and the challenges she has encountered as a Black country music artist.

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