Hermínio Chissano, Ventures into Global Afrobeats with New Project

by Barbara
Hermínio Chissano

Hermínio Chissano, widely known by his stage name Duas Caras, has evolved from a cornerstone of Maputo’s underground rap scene to a pivotal figure in Mozambique’s music landscape. His journey, marked by acclaimed albums and award-winning tracks like “Karaboss” and “Punchline,” now takes an ambitious turn towards the global Afrobeats genre.

Collaborating with Geobek Standard, powered by George Beke, known for his work with international Afrobeats stars such as Burna Boy and Mr. Eazi, Duas Caras aims to amplify his music and brand on a global scale. In a recent interview, he highlighted his immersion in studio work and collaborations with Afrobeats artists worldwide as pivotal to his musical evolution.

“This marks a new chapter in my career,” Duas Caras remarked, reflecting on his transition from rap to Afrobeats. “I’ve reached a point where I want to explore new avenues creatively and support emerging artists. It’s a natural progression for me.”

Addressing challenges within Mozambique’s music industry, he emphasized the need for better infrastructure and international exposure. “Mozambique boasts incredible talent, but without proper support and visibility, our growth is stunted,” he asserted.

Duas Caras’s shift signifies not just a musical evolution but a strategic move to propel Mozambican music onto the global stage, driven by a blend of artistic innovation and collaborative effort.

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