Julio Foolio’s Funeral Sees Family and Friends Pay Tribute with Yungeen Ace Diss Song

by Barbara
Julio Foolio

The late rapper Julio Foolio was honored in a distinctive manner at his funeral, with his family and friends reportedly commemorating him by referencing his ongoing rivalry with Yungeen Ace.

A video circulating online captured the poignant moment during the service on Sunday (July 7). Allegedly, Julio Foolio’s girlfriend and other attendees were seen passionately reciting lyrics from Julio’s diss track aimed at Yungeen Ace, titled “When I See You.” The verses included lines such as, “Went out to eat on his birthday / Four shot, three dead in the worst way / He kept dissin’ on me / Now we smokin’ 23.”

The animosity between Julio Foolio, associated with the Jacksonville gang KTA, and Yungeen Ace, a member of the ATK gang, has been well-documented since 2017. Tensions escalated in 2018 following the fatal shooting of Zion Brown, Foolio’s cousin, which was attributed to an associate of Yungeen Ace and resulted in murder charges, as reported by The Florida Times Union.

The funeral tribute not only highlighted the deep-seated rivalry but also underscored the impact of Julio Foolio’s music and persona within his community. The event served as a poignant reminder of the ongoing conflicts that often intersect with the lives of hip-hop artists and their legacies.

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