Paul Di’Anno Previews Depeche Mode Cover Ahead of New Album Release

by Patria
Paul Di‘Anno

Paul Di’Anno, the former frontman of Iron Maiden, has unveiled a sneak peek of his cover of Depeche Mode’s classic “Precious.” This track will be featured on the upcoming self-titled debut album from his new band, Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse.

Di’Anno shared his excitement about the project, stating, “Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse is my first studio project after many years of being away from the studio and not performing. I remember when we announced that we were recording an album in Croatia with completely unknown musicians, many were shocked and no one knew in which direction we would go. Warhorse exudes pure energy and reflects everything I went through while recording the album.”

The new preview clip has generated significant buzz, with Di’Anno’s team commenting, “The success of the new Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse video ‘Here Comes the Night’ is just the beginning of what this band will show you in the days to come. Many of you have already heard that there is a fantastic Depeche Mode cover of ‘Precious’ on the album, but you have not yet heard that this song will be the next video single with a wonderful story.”

Interestingly, the cover of “Precious” features computerized drums rather than live drumming. This choice was made to capture the essence and unique sound of Depeche Mode more accurately. “Are you waiting for this video like we are?” Di’Anno’s camp teased fans.

The highly anticipated album is set to be released on July 19th via BraveWords Records.

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