Heart’s Ann Wilson Diagnosed with Cancer

by Patria
Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson, the lead singer of the iconic rock band Heart, has been diagnosed with cancer. In a heartfelt statement on Instagram, Wilson shared that she recently underwent surgery to remove a cancerous growth.

“The operation was successful, and I’m feeling great, but my doctors are now advising me to undergo a course of preventative chemotherapy, and I’ve decided to do it,” Wilson announced.

Following her doctors’ recommendations, Wilson will take the rest of the year off from performing to fully recover. This decision has led to the postponement of Heart’s North American Royal Flush Tour, which was set to kick off in Cleveland on July 30 and continue through December.

“To the ticket buyers, I really do wish we could do these gigs. Please know that I absolutely plan to be back on stage in 2025,” the ‘Barracuda’ singer reassured fans. “This is merely a pause. I’ve much more to sing.”

Wilson concluded her statement by requesting privacy, stating, “Respectfully, this is the last public statement I’d like to make on the matter.”

Ann Wilson has been a pivotal member of Heart since the early 1970s, with her younger sister Nancy Wilson also playing a key role in the band’s success. The Wilson sisters have been celebrated for their contributions to rock music and their enduring influence on the genre.

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