Russell Dickerson’s Heartfelt “Bones” Set to Release Soon

by Barbara
Russell Dickerson

Scheduled to debut on July 12, the new track promises to delve into themes of enduring love and commitment over time. Dickerson previews the heartfelt lyrics, singing, “Saying I’ll love ya ’til the stars up above ya ain’t shining in the sky no more / Long as I’m livin’ baby I ain’t quitting / That’s a love you can bet your life on / Yeah, I’ll love ya ’til I’m six feet down in the ground and the gold on my finger’s wrapped around nothin’ but bones.”

Excitedly sharing the news with fans on platform X, Dickerson expressed, “No matter what life looks like… this is what matters most [ring + white heart emojis]. ‘Bones’ will be yours on 7.12.”

The upcoming release follows Russell Dickerson’s successful 2022 self-titled album, which received a deluxe reissue titled The Afterparty Deluxe in 2023. Recently, he delighted fans with the upbeat single “Good Day to Have a Good Day,” released in May.

Currently on tour as the opening act for Sam Hunt’s Locked Up Tour, Russell Dickerson invites fans to secure tickets through his official website at

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