Rapper Killer Mike Unveils His Latest Single

by Barbara
Killer Mike

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has unveiled his latest single and accompanying music video, titled “Humble Me,” which directly confronts his recent arrest at the Grammys on February 4th.

The release of the song coincided with Killer Mike’s return to the Peacock Theatre, the site of his arrest, for the BET Awards. At the ceremony, he clinched the prestigious Album of the Year accolade, underscoring his resilience and creative prowess.

Just before his arrest earlier this year, Killer Mike celebrated a triumphant night at the Grammys, securing three awards, including Best Rap Album.

Reflecting on the incident and its aftermath, Killer Mike expressed his ongoing inspiration and dedication to his music. “I was in the studio the very next day. I’m as inspired as ever and I’m just following the music at this point. All my heroes have been cuffed and mishandled in some way,” he stated in a press release.

The music video for “Humble Me” also features Killer Mike’s son, Pony Boy, who recently received a kidney transplant. Killer Mike attributed this personal triumph to humility and divine grace, viewing his son’s recovery as a blessing.

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