Bailey Zimmerman Set to Drop “New To Country”

by Barbara
Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman is gearing up to release a bold new track this Friday, June 28th, with a clear message: he’s no newcomer to country music.

In a spirited promotional video for his single titled “New To Country,” Zimmerman playfully mimes along to a snippet of the song poolside, delivering lyrics that assert his seasoned presence in the country music scene: “Ain’t a thing changed round here but the money/ You try to mix it up but let me tell you somethin’”.

Encouraging fans to pre-save the song on streaming platforms, Zimmerman urges listeners to “blow the speaker with this one.”

Earlier this month, Zimmerman teased the release with a confident video, addressing critics who question his country roots based on his appearance. In a direct message to fans, he emphasized, “Being country is about way more than wearing a cowboy hat on your head or boots on your feet. I grew up country as hell, and I still ain’t changed, so I wrote a song about it for everybody that makes fun of me and tells me I’m not country because I wear Air Force Ones. Kiss my ass, this song’s called ‘New To Country’”.

Zimmerman’s upcoming release promises to reaffirm his authentic country music identity, challenging stereotypes with a spirited anthem that celebrates his rural roots.

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