Brittney Spencer and Joy Oladokun Covers Beyoncé’s Country Music

by Barbara

In the wake of Cowboy Carter’s release, Beyoncé’s impact on the country music scene persists with a new rendition of her classic tracks by Black artists featured in Apple Music’s latest collection, “Nashville Sessions: Beyoncé Covered.”

The playlist showcases some of country music’s most vibrant voices, including Brittney Spencer’s rendition of “Irreplaceable” and BRELAND’s take on “Sandcastles” from Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Other highlights include Tanner Adell, Madeline Edwards, and Joy Oladokun interpreting songs like “Drunk in Love” and “Halo.”

Reflecting on Beyoncé’s influence, singer-songwriter Tiera Kennedy expressed to Apple Music, “Beyoncé has opened a door that’s going to be really hard to close,” emphasizing the transformative impact of these recordings. Kennedy collaborated with Spencer, Adell, and Reyna Roberts on “BLACKBIIRD,” contributing to the joyous reinterpretation on Cowboy Carter.

Adell remarked on the significance of country music, stating, “Country music to me means family. And country music lets you tell your story.”

Recently named one of the top 30 albums of the year so far, Cowboy Carter underscores the enduring relevance of Beyoncé’s music in diverse genres. Looking ahead, Beyoncé is slated to feature in “Mufasa,” Disney’s forthcoming film exploring the origin story of Simba’s parentage.

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