Yungeen Ace Releases Controversial Song

by Barbara

Yungeen Ace has sparked controversy with the release of his latest track, “Do It,” which features explicit lyrics about gun violence, coinciding closely with the fatal shooting of his longtime rival, Julio Foolio, outside a Tampa hotel.

The song, accompanied by a video depicting masked individuals engaging in a shooting, does not explicitly name Foolio. However, its lyrics leave little doubt about the themes explored. “Catch his ass and do his ass, you know he finished,” raps Yungeen Ace in one verse, continuing with, “Flip his ass and smoke his ass, we stand on business.”

The animosity between Ace and Foolio has a history steeped in violence, escalating notably in 2017 when Foolio’s cousin was killed, allegedly by an associate of Ace’s. Subsequently, Ace became a target in a retaliatory drive-by shooting in 2018, resulting in the deaths of his brother and two others.

The feud has been publicly fueled through music, with Ace’s 2021 release “Who I Smoke” explicitly mentioning names of individuals associated with Foolio who had been killed. Foolio responded with his own diss track, “When I See You,” mocking Ace and the victims of the drive-by.

Foolio’s tragic demise occurred during a shooting incident outside a Tampa Holiday Inn, where he was celebrating his birthday after being asked to leave an Airbnb for exceeding guest limits. According to Tampa Police, the shooting left four people injured, with Foolio succumbing to his injuries. The other victims are reported to be in stable condition.

Tampa Police responded to the scene on McKinley Drive early in the morning following a 911 call reporting the shooting. The investigation into the incident remains ongoing.

The release of “Do It” amidst these events has intensified scrutiny on the intersection of music, personal vendettas, and real-life violence, prompting broader discussions about the responsibilities of artists and the impact of their lyrics on communities.

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