Sam Gellaitry Releases New Song ‘More!’

by Barbara
Sam Gellaitry

Renowned Scottish producer Sam Gellaitry has unveiled his latest single, ‘More!’, marking another milestone in his distinguished career. Known for seamlessly blending collaborative prowess with his distinctive solo style, Gellaitry gained widespread acclaim with last year’s ‘UNDER THE ILLUSION’ EP, particularly for the viral hit ‘Picture In My Mind’ featuring PinkPantheress.

‘More!’ continues Gellaitry’s artistic evolution with its robust production dominated by crunchy electronics and a laid-back hip-hop-inspired beat. The song’s lyrical narrative delves into the complexities of relationships, offering a glimpse into both the beauty and challenges that arise within them.

Reflecting on the track, Gellaitry shared insights into its creation, stating, “‘MORE!’ is a track I made last year, which started off with me messing about with my TB303. The beat itself is quite abrasive and heavy, mixed in with melodic parts coming from the vocals and the chords and vocoder harmonies.”

He further explained the thematic depth of ‘More!’, highlighting its portrayal of relationship dynamics, “Contextually, I tried to match the energy of the beat by portraying a relationship in which the back and forth and arguments themselves are romanticised by the passion and effort involved in taking part in them. There’s a beauty in overcoming things, especially with your other half, and I’ve found when it’s with the right person, you tend to laugh it off afterwards due to its insignificance with the bigger picture. At the end of the day, it’s all a display of passion and investment and I wanted to portray that somehow.”

‘More!’ stands as a testament to Gellaitry’s ability to blend intricate production with emotive storytelling, further solidifying his position as a forward-thinking artist in the electronic and alt-pop landscape. The single is now available for streaming and marks a new chapter in Gellaitry’s musical journey.

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