“‘Blossoms Shanghai’ Strikes a Chord with Music Fans”

by Barbara

The original music and soundtrack of the acclaimed Chinese television series “Blossoms Shanghai” have been released internationally as a music album.

Directed by renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai, “Blossoms Shanghai” is an adaptation of Shanghai writer Jin Yucheng’s award-winning novel “Blossoms.” The 30-episode series vividly depicts the business milieu and neighborhood life of 1990s Shanghai. The unfolding storylines and character arcs are complemented by classic songs, now compiled into an album by Universal Music. This album is available to music enthusiasts on major online music platforms.

The album features hit songs from celebrated artists such as Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong, and Teresa Teng. Additionally, it includes Huju Opera segments performed by actors Ma Yili, Chen Guoqing, and Zhu Lin, as well as monologues from the cast, including Hu Ge, who portrays the protagonist A Bao. The album cover showcases a postmarked stamp bearing A Bao’s image, which ties into a stamp album that serves as a narrative clue in the series.

Comprising three CDs, the album highlights each of the three female protagonists on its respective covers, offering fans a comprehensive musical journey through the series’ evocative soundscape.

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