Crandall Creek Launches New Bluegrass Hit “Don’t Come Knockin'”

by Barbara

Crandall Creek has unveiled their latest bluegrass single, “Don’t Come Knockin’,” featuring lead vocals by Carly Greer. Band leader Jerry Andrews, who also serves as guitarist and primary songwriter, provided insights into the genesis of the song. Andrews revealed that the melody and 12 initial lines of the song had been recorded on his phone for some time. Recognizing its potential fit for Carly Greer, Andrews presented the song to the band during a practice session at Stonewall Jackson’s summer home in Beverly, West Virginia. With contributions from band members Carly Greer, Kathy Wigman Lesnock, and Jamie Peck as producer, the track came together swiftly, with additional enhancements from guest musicians Andy Leftwich and Darrin Vincent.

Crandall Creek, known for their narrative-driven music reflecting themes of life, love, and faith, recently earned five nominations at the 2024 Josie Music Awards. The nominations include Group of the Year (Bluegrass), Songwriter of the Year for Jerry Andrews, Music Video of the Year for “Just 18,” Best Performance in a Music Video for Carly Greer in “Just 18,” and Country Female Vocalist of the Year for Carly Greer.

The band’s musical journey culminated in their March 1, 2024 album release titled Ain’t Love Somethin’, featuring a collection of 14 tracks meticulously crafted by its members. Highlights from the album include popular hits like “Pieces,” “Don’t Cry Mary,” “Just 18,” “Love the Thrill,” and a notable collaboration titled “Lazy Sunday,” featuring Carly Greer alongside Greg Blake, the current International Bluegrass Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year.

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