SNOT and Cochise Triumph with “Hilarious”

by Barbara

SNOT and Cochise garnered significant attention with their 2021 collaboration “Tell ‘Em.” The track was notable for its bouncy, playful nature and catchy rhythm. The duo exhibited strong chemistry, effortlessly exchanging bars. Fans anticipated more joint projects, but it took three years for a proper follow-up. Thankfully, “Hilarious” has proven worth the wait.

“Hilarious” offers a stark contrast to “Tell ‘Em,” placing SNOT and Cochise in a celebratory mood. The instrumental diverges significantly from their previous collaboration. While “Tell ‘Em” had a jittery, nighttime ambiance, “Hilarious” exudes daytime energy with bright, lively synths reminiscent of a summer party. These synths play a crucial role in setting the track’s tone, evoking a similar feel to Jay-Z’s “Ignant Sh*t.”

However, the comparisons end there. SNOT and Cochise focus less on intricate wordplay and more on catchy vocal riffs and Auto-Tuned bravado. This approach works well, especially with Cochise’s vocals standing out smoothly towards the end of the song.

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