Future Palace to Release New Album “Distortion” on September 6

by Patria
Future Palace

Berlin-based post-hardcore trio Future Palace has announced the release of their new album, Distortion, set to drop on September 6 through Arising Empire. Alongside this announcement, the band has unveiled the music video for their latest single, “Dreamstate.”

“Dreamstate” delves into the overwhelming nature of reality, presenting an escape into a dream world with intense musical energy. The track features dense synthwave arpeggios, epic instrumentals, and energetic drums that mimic a racing heartbeat. Vocalist Maria Lessing delivers a powerful and emotional performance, culminating in a crashing breakdown that symbolizes the collapse of an illusory escape.

Guitarist Manuel Kohlert shared insights into the song’s development: “At first, I actually intended to write a piano ballad, but the song quickly became much harder.” Lessing added, “It’s now one of my favorite songs on our new album.” The transformation from a quiet ballad to a powerful anthem reflects the band’s ability to channel personal and societal struggles into their music.

The accompanying music video for “Dreamstate” was created in collaboration with Pavel Trebukhin and was filmed in Riga, Latvia. The visual representation complements the song’s theme of overwhelming escapism.

Distortion explores a range of mental illnesses and societal issues, delivering more hooks and dynamic shifts than ever before. The album features powerful metalcore breakdowns, darkwave beats, anthemic emocore refrains, sacred choirs, and industrial coldness, creating a diverse and emotionally charged listening experience. The band describes the album as a culmination of their musical journey, absorbing influences from across Europe to create a powerful manifesto.

Future Palace’s previous album, Run, leaned toward musical extremes, but Distortion represents the band’s ultimate artistic expression, blending various genres and styles into a cohesive and compelling narrative. As one of the most exciting acts in alternative guitar music, Future Palace continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their raw and honest approach.

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