Metallica Surprises Fans with Live Debut of “Inamorata” in Munich

by Patria

Metallica delivered a special treat for fans during their M72 World Tour stop in Munich on Sunday night (May 26th), unveiling the live debut of their longest-ever recorded song.

The epic track “Inamorata,” which spans 11 minutes and 10 seconds, is featured on Metallica’s 2023 album “72 Seasons.” Frontman James Hetfield introduced the song to the audience, saying, “This song we have never ever played live before.”

Hetfield added a personal touch, sharing the band’s philosophy: “In our band, we don’t recognize the word ‘mistake.’ Because there are no mistakes – there’s just unique moments that happen, alright? That’s what we need to tell ourselves. …… This is one of my favorites, alright? So I’m gonna like it!”

In addition to “Inamorata,” the Munich concert also saw the tour debut of “Hit The Lights” and a performance of the Budgie classic “Breadfan,” as reported by UCR’s Martin Kielty. Fans can watch footage of the performance and view the full setlist on UCR.

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