Paul Di’Anno Announces Final UK Tour

by Patria
Paul Di‘Anno

Paul Di’Anno, the former Iron Maiden frontman, will embark on his last UK tour, according to his manager Stjepan Juras. In a recent Facebook post, Juras confirmed that the 2024 tour would mark Di’Anno’s final series of UK performances.

“This is really the last chance to see Paul perform a full Iron Maiden set on tour in the UK,” Juras wrote. “We urge all fans to come, enjoy, and say goodbye in style.”

While Di’Anno will continue to perform in the UK, future appearances will be limited to larger festivals or select shows in bigger venues. These performances will feature a diverse repertoire, including songs from Battlezone, Killers, Warhorse, Iron Maiden, and other periods of his career.

Juras explained that the decision to move to larger venues was influenced by the inadequacies of smaller clubs, which often lack the facilities necessary for Di’Anno’s performances. “Only and exclusively large and fully equipped halls will be considered,” he said.

Plans are also underway for Di’Anno to return to the USA, Canada, and Japan, with potential concerts in new markets. Juras emphasized the importance of these tours in supporting Di’Anno’s health and living expenses. “Due to Paul’s health condition, we will have to see how many shows he will be able to play. My intention is to provide him with exactly as many as he needs to constantly have finances for treatment and basic living needs,” he stated.

The announced dates for Di’Anno’s final UK tour are as follows:

August 21, 2024 – Leeds, UK

August 22, 2024 – Blackpool, UK

August 23, 2024 – Newark-On-Trent, UK (SOLD OUT)

August 25, 2024 – Crumlin, UK

August 26, 2024 – Swindon, UK

Fans are encouraged to seize this final opportunity to witness Di’Anno’s legendary performances in the UK before he focuses on larger international stages.

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