The Offspring Surprises BottleRock Napa Valley Crowd with Ed Sheeran Collaboration

by Patria
The Offspring and Ed Sheeran

Fans at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival experienced a memorable surprise on Sunday (May 26th) when The Offspring invited pop superstar Ed Sheeran to join them on stage during their set at the Napa Valley Expo in California.

The Offspring’s frontman, Dexter Holland, introduced Sheeran’s unexpected appearance, sharing a personal story with the crowd. “Ed told us that one of our records was his first CD that he ever bought when he was a kid,” Holland said. “That really meant a lot to us, so we thought, ‘Wow, we’d love to have you come out to join us on stage.’ We’re gonna play one of the songs you wanted to play.”

Sheeran, dressed in an Offspring t-shirt and equipped with a guitar, joined the band to perform “Million Miles Away” from their 2000 album “Conspiracy of One.” He jammed alongside the band and traded vocals with Holland, much to the delight of the festival audience.

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