Lacuna Coil’s New Single ‘In The Mean Time’ Ft. Ash Costello of New Years Day

by Patria
Lacuna Coil

Italian metal band Lacuna Coil recently unveiled their latest single, “In The Mean Time,” featuring a collaboration with Ash Costello from New Years Day. The song’s title serves as a nod to both the challenging era the world is navigating and the band’s own transitional phase.

Reflecting on the current societal landscape, Lacuna Coil shared, “‘In The Mean Time’ delves into the realization of our society’s collective struggle. We are entrenched in turbulent times, marked by a prevalence of discontent: individuals grappling with loneliness, anxiety, depression, and destructive tendencies. The external pressures we face often cloud our perception and prevent us from seeing things clearly.”

The track, akin to a therapeutic session, acknowledges the difficulties of piecing oneself back together once broken. It embraces acceptance rather than lamentation, urging listeners to divert their attention from pervasive toxicity and discover the deeper richness life offers, even amidst chaos and disarray.

The band further expressed their delight at having Ash Costello contribute her distinctive vocals to the song, noting her warm voice and charisma as a perfect fit for the track’s essence. Ash, equally thrilled by the collaboration, remarked, “I am deeply honored to join Lacuna Coil on tour for the first time, to have the incredible opportunity to lend my guest vocals to a new track and appear in the music video. Working alongside the powerhouse vocalist Cristina has been a privilege, and I may be biased in saying that ‘In The Mean Time’ has quickly become my favorite by Lacuna Coil. Its message about embracing individuality and not conforming deeply resonates with me.”

The synergy between Lacuna Coil and Ash Costello has not only enriched the musical landscape but also amplified the song’s thematic depth, resonating with audiences seeking empowerment and resilience amidst challenging times.

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