Donald Glover Reveals Plans for Two Final Childish Gambino Albums

by Patria
Donald Glover

During a GILGA Radio stream on Instagram Live, musician and actor Donald Glover shared exciting news about his upcoming music projects. After a four-year break, he announced that he’s preparing to release two final albums under his rap alias, Childish Gambino.

Glover detailed that the first of these albums, titled “Atavista,” will be a polished version of his surprise release “3.15.20,” which originally dropped in March 2020.

Explaining the background, Glover mentioned, “The project I put out, ‘3.15.20,’ that no one’s ever heard of, people didn’t even know I put it out, it was originally titled ‘Atavista,’ it was supposed to be ‘Atavista.’ But we put it out quickly, I didn’t master or mix it, I just kind of put it out. I was going through a lot, [people] thought everybody was going to die because it was the pandemic. We put it out, we finished it, it’s ‘Atavista,’ we’re putting that out.”

Following “Atavista,” Glover teased that the second album will be the final Childish Gambino album, serving as the soundtrack to his film “Bando Storm and the New World.”

This announcement follows Glover’s earlier statement in 2017 about retiring his stage name, Childish Gambino.

Recent appearances by Glover, including his guest performance with Tyler, the Creator at Coachella, have sparked anticipation among fans for his upcoming music releases.

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