Megan Thee Stallion Opens Up About Her Experience After Being Shot by Tory Lanez

by Patria
megan thee stallion

In a candid revelation, Megan Thee Stallion has shed light on the challenging aftermath of being shot by fellow artist Tory Lanez in July 2020. The rapper disclosed that she felt dehumanized for an extended period following the incident.

Speaking to Women’s Health in a recent cover story, Megan shared, “A lot of people didn’t treat me like I was human for a long time.” She reflected on the expectations placed on her as a public figure, particularly noting the dichotomy between her public persona as a “fun and happy party girl” and the complexities she faced privately.

“As a Black woman, as a darker Black woman, I also feel like people expect me to take the punches, take the beating, take the lashings, and handle it with grace,” Megan continued. “But I’m human.”

Despite her career’s outward success, Megan revealed a contrasting struggle behind the scenes. “I would be crying half the time because I didn’t want to (perform) but I also didn’t want to upset my fans,” she shared with the publication.

The impact of the incident and the subsequent scrutiny took a toll on Megan’s mental health. She described going through “dark times” where she isolated herself, avoided sunlight, and battled depression. It was only after seeking therapy that she could confront and address her emotional state.

Following a period of healing, which involved disconnecting from social media and prioritizing therapy, Megan expressed that she is now in a positive mental space. She emphasized the importance of acknowledging one’s mental well-being and seeking professional help when needed.

Tory Lanez, who was found guilty of shooting Megan in the foot in December 2022, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in August, marking a legal resolution to the traumatic incident.

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