Cardi B Teases New Album With a Different Sound

by Patria

Cardi B has announced that her upcoming album will be a departure from her previous work, promising fans a fresh and unexpected sound.

The rapper, known for hits like “Bodak Yellow,” took to social media to celebrate the success of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, which broke numerous records upon its release six years ago.

“6 years ago I released my first album and it broke so many records GAH LEE!!” Cardi shared on X (formerly Twitter). “6 years later I’m preparing to drop the next one this year.. it’s so different from what everyone is expecting and I’m sooo excited.”

Acknowledging her fans’ patience and support, Cardi expressed gratitude for their unwavering dedication. “Love you guys and thank you for the support! I’ll talk to ya soon I been so busy these last few days,” she added.

The 31-year-old artist also joined Missy Elliott in championing artists who push boundaries and refuse to be confined to a single style. “Yeup!!! I’m a little nervous… but I don’t care! I’m liking doing things that my ears want to listen to and reflecting the moods I been in. It feels good,” Cardi remarked in agreement with Missy Elliott’s sentiments.

Invasion of Privacy, which featured collaborations with artists like Chance the Rapper, Bad Bunny, SZA, and Migos, was a massive success globally upon its release in April 2018. The album received five Grammy nominations in 2019 and topped the Billboard 200 albums chart, marking the longest-charting album by a female rapper in Billboard 200 history.

As anticipation builds for her new album, Cardi has already teased fans with tracks like “Like What (Freestyle)” and “Enough (Miami),” offering glimpses into the musical evolution she’s set to unveil.

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