Ice Spice Tests New Album with the “Car Test”

by Patria

Hip-hop artist Ice Spice, also known as Isis Gaston, is getting ready to drop her debut album “Y2K” later this year, and she’s ensuring it meets her standards by subjecting it to the “car test.”

During a recent appearance on the YouTube show Hot Ones, Ice Spice discussed her creative process and revealed that she’s been testing her new tracks by blasting them in her car.

“Yes, I’ve been playing the album fully through in the car, volume all the way up,” she confirmed. “It passed, thankfully it passed.”

The 24-year-old rapper shared insights into her songwriting approach, mentioning that while she typically focuses on the hook before writing verses, there’s a track on “Y2K” that breaks that pattern.

“There is a track on the album where I just launched straight into the verse and there’s not really a hook, so I’m excited to hear what the fans think about that,” she disclosed.

Ice Spice emphasized that every song she worked on for the album made the final cut, reflecting her dedication to quality in her music.

“Each song that I work on, I really try to make it good enough to put out, basically,” she explained. “I don’t really skim through it real quick; I really take my time and I’m just like, ‘OK. Every time I work on a song, basically, I’m like, This is gonna be released.’ That hasn’t always been the case, but for this album process, that was the case.”

Having completed recording for “Y2K” in early March, Ice Spice has yet to announce the release date and tracklist, keeping fans eagerly anticipating the unveiling of her highly anticipated debut album.

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