Calvin Harris Defends Ultra Music Festival 2024 Set Amid Criticism

by Patria
calvin harris

Calvin Harris, the Scottish DJ and record producer, has responded to criticism regarding his headlining set at the recent Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Social media users described his performance as “underwhelming” and “boring,” prompting Harris to address the feedback.

In a response to a comment criticizing his set, particularly for featuring mostly his own songs, Harris defended his song selection. He pointed out the massive success of his tracks, citing multiple songs with over a billion streams each, including “How Deep Is Your Love,” “This Is What You Came For,” “My Way,” “Slide,” “Feels,” and “One Kiss,” among others. He emphasized that these are substantial, well-received songs featuring collaborations with real artists, distinguishing them from what he termed as “Fein trap edits.”

Harris’s set at Ultra Music Festival included some of his most iconic hits, such as his collaborations with Rihanna on “This Is What You Came For” (2016) and Ellie Goulding on “I Need Your Love” (2012).

Addressing the effort he put into preparing for the festival, Harris mentioned spending months creating new versions of his tracks, indicating his commitment to delivering a unique experience for the audience. Despite the criticism, he noted that people he interacted with in real life had a positive experience, which he finds gratifying.

Notably, this performance marked Harris’s return to the Ultra Music Festival stage after an absence since 2013, underscoring the significance of the event for both the artist and his fans.

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