Tom Walker Partners with Suicide Prevention Charity CALM for New Song ‘Lifeline’

by Patria
Tom Walker

Tom Walker, following his recent ambassadorial announcement, has teamed up with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a suicide prevention charity, for the release of his latest ballad, ‘Lifeline.’ The song serves as a poignant tribute to a friend he tragically lost and delves into the complexities of dealing with grief and mental health struggles.

Statistics reveal alarming rates of suicidal thoughts, with someone dying by suicide every 90 minutes on average in the UK alone. ‘Lifeline’ tackles the turmoil and questions that arise when faced with such loss, urging listeners to contemplate what can be done to support those in need.

In a statement about the track, Tom Walker shared, “Me and my friends lost one of our own suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s difficult to process grief. I felt we were all asking ourselves ‘what could I have done? What could I have said? What could have been done differently?’” He expressed hope that by addressing mental health stigma through music, the song might encourage people to seek help when struggling. Walker praised CALM for their impactful work in assisting individuals during challenging times.

Tom Walker’s musical journey has been marked by significant achievements, including becoming the biggest UK-signed selling artist in 2019, with a number 1 debut album and an international hit single in ‘Leave A Light On.’ His upcoming album, ‘I Am,’ promises a deeply personal exploration of his own struggles and experiences, reflecting his growth as an artist.

Having collaborated with renowned songwriters and producers in Los Angeles, Walker’s new music signals a bold and introspective phase in his career. With ‘Lifeline’ and his upcoming album, Tom Walker aims to connect with audiences on a profound level, delivering arena-scale songs infused with heartfelt emotion.

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